Updated: Jul 12, 2018

From left: Hillary and Vi attending Africa Day 2018.

We went to Africa Day 2018 in Mount Roskill. The B E S T thing about it was the fashion. Vi (right of the photo) says "I guess for me I’ve been here since I was a baby so I wouldn’t know what the differences are but for me I feel, since I was young, I’ve been carrying through my culture in the way I dress, the way I present myself towards people. I always make sure I gotta tell people 'Yo I’m from Africa' like this is me and I always gotta embrace it, everything that I do - even at school if it’s coming to speeches I talk about my country and it’s been great, being African here, I love embracing my culture and getting Kiwis here and other nationalities to know what it is being African."

"I love seeing parts of the different people from Africa unite as one and celebrate our heritage together." Vi.

Photos by Aleyna Martinez.