NEW RELEASE: Ill Baz - Live Stream

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

From left: Raiza Biza, Ill Baz, Melodownz

It all started in Mount Roskill after work, we were just hanging out, says Melodownz. He says he and Raiza Biza would finish mentoring youth at the Wesley Community Center then cross the road and go see Ill Baz to record. About two years later High Beams is the result. On it they address being immigrant kids from war torn countries and what it's like to leave family back home and grow up in New Zealand.

In this Red Bull radio interview with MC Slave Melodownz says it's about pointing out injustices and finding a way to express who they are without violence - although some situations evoke that sense of frustration.

Check out their first video-single 'Live Stream' shot by Connor Pritchard:

Red Bull presents the High Beams tour kicking off August 4th at Anthology Lounge. RSVP HERE.